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"Mountains and Strings is the most awesome string camp ever. I have been to a lot of string camps and this was by far the best. I loved being able to get to know all of the students and getting coached by the wonderful staff. I have been able to attend Mountains and Strings for three years, and now I am the principle second violinist in my college orchestra. Every one tells me what great leadership skills I have as a musician and I owe a lot of that to Mountains and Strings. The first year I came to camp I had never played in a quartet before and now I am considering playing in a quartet as a profession because I love it so much. Mountains and Strings introduced me to a whole new realm of music, but the things I will remember most are the great friends, fun activities, and the wonderful atmosphere. This camp has changed my life and inspired me to be the best violinist I can be. Thanks Mountains & Strings. You Rock!!!"
Alice Seiter
American Fork, Utah

"My son Nick is already excitedly planning on his third Mountains and Strings Music Retreat this year! Each year he leaves home in great anticipation of making new friends and seeing old ones, being outdoors, and playing challenging pieces with other young people who really love music. Each year he has returned home with greater motivation to practice, an increased devotion to making his violin an integral part of his future, and a renewed enthusiasm for performance. He even started up a quartet of his own! Of course, Nick takes Orchestra in school and he enjoys it, but to have the opportunity to play with peers on various levels who are serious about, and dedicated to their music has been a transforming experience. The adult music staff and specialists are inspirational and the performances have helped lift his playing to a higher level. We have gone each year to hear the quartet performances and the outdoor concert on the last night and have been truly amazed at the quality that they are able to achieve in one short week. It makes me wish I could play the violin! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you are giving these promising youth musicians!"
Leni Davenport
Rexburg, Idaho

"Mountains and Strings was the best week I have ever had in my entire life. The coaches are amazing. They are so positive and willing to help. I loved meeting kids from all over Idaho and Utah. They are really good kids and I have made several lasting friends. I loved how I could have so much fun with all the kids, but when we were in rehearsals we were all really focused and worked hard. It was amazing what we could acomplish in our quartets in just five days. I also learned a lot musically from the other kids at camp. There were times when we just got to talk about our experiences and share musical advise. I loved the music we played. (especially cello choir--cellos Rock!! :) Mountains and Strings was an amazing experience that really helped me grow musically and as a person."
Sarah Arnesen
Pleasant Grove, Utah
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